Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back in Del Mar

It's always neat to go back to a place I lived in the past. Today I flew to San Diego. Not thrilled to be starting a bunch of travel across the next month, but it was nice to get back to San Diego.  A slightly delayed flight and I was starving when I landed. I grabbed a car and left the airport, skipping the restaurants inside to drive out to Pacific Beach.

I used to run past this lifeguard station all the time when I lived here. I bet I was down here every week or every other week, taking a run along the boardwalk and eating lunch somewhere nearby. I sat upstairs in a restaurant, doing a little work for my presentations tomorrow with lunch.

Afterwards I drove up to La Jolla. I was thinking to swim at a pool up there, but I must have driven past it. And I was full. I parked at the Cove, walking a little and reading a few things from work by the beach for 30 minutes. I debated with myself about hitting a yoga class, the hotel gym, or the beach. I decided to try the beach.


I swam in the Cove (and ocean) when I lived here, but always thought it was really cold. I didn't have a lot of hope today, but since I'd walked through some waves, I thought I could handle it. No towel, I changed in the car and walked out to the beach. I dropped my shirt and keys and headed into the water.
Chilly, but not that bad. I got past the breakers and put on goggles before starting to swim. I could see pretty well to the bottom, which was only about 5 feet down. I swam for a couple minutes and then was startled by a large fish. Not sure what it was, but below me in the shallows, a 3-4ft long fish of some sort. Brownish, somewhat tiger striped.
I felt good, working a bit, but not too hard, but about 5-6 minutes in, I hit a patch of seaweed. On my face as I tried to breathe, hanging on my ear, not pleasant. I swam through it and thought I'd avoid it on the way back.
A couple minutes later and I was in more of it, a big patch this time. Not sure what was going on as it was floating, but it was incredibly annoying and distracting. So much for my swim. I headed in and was near the end of the swim beach area anyway. Breathing hard, I headed North, walking.
I had a good, almost mile walk up to the pier and then back to the car. The weather was great, people playing volleyball, amazing houses in the cove. I remember what I enjoyed about CA.


I also remembered the chafing each spring as I wasn't used to walking in trunks. I had some chaffed spots by the time I got to the car. A short drive up the 1, enjoying the view of UCSD, Scripps, and Torrey Pines. I checked into the hotel in Del Mar, did a short workout (walking, since I didn't feel like I'd worked) and spent time going over a presentation.

Then it was dinner time. With the NFL on tonight, I headed into Del Mar, to the Plaza across from the beach. I used to work there, and was thinking to visit Epazote, the place I worked.

It's been a long time, and while the other well known places were there, Epazote was closed. It's in the process of renovation, so I walked across the plaza to Pacifica, the seafood bar/restaurant I visited a few times. Parking at the bar, I had a few drinks and a nice dinner, watching football and reminiscing.

The last time I was in that place, or one of the last times, was 21 years ago. Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley were sitting at the bar as their summer was spent training for the 92 Olympics in San Diego. The bartenders were probably in diapers, or elementary school at the outside. I felt old, but I was at peace and enjoyed it.

Good to be back in CA. Now to sleep and then get up and find the pool in the am before work.

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