Monday, September 16, 2013


Today was Kendall's 3rd home game. We went and watched them struggle in the first game. So many girls, including Kendall, couldn't serve. It was a mess of a game and they lost.

In the second game, things weren't better for awhile. Down 19-15, Kendall came up and got them to 20-19 before she missed a serve. Then they played well to win and force a third game. In that one, they made some mistakes, but the other team fell apart. At one point Kendall made 2 or 3 mistakes in a short time and the coach pulled her. She had played all of the minutes to that point. After a point on the bench, she came back in to serve and get the team way up.

All in all not great volleyball, but they won. Since the first week when they lost the first 2 matches, they haven't lost. 4-2 this season.

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