Friday, September 20, 2013

Outdoor laps

I'm not sure I've done this in 20 years. I got up this morning, and after working for an hour, drove down to La Jolla, to the Coggins Aquatic Complex for a swim. I'd missed it yesterday when I drove by because it's attached to La Jolla High School. As in a stairway to a side gate from inside the high school fence. As I walked in, paid, and was heading to the locker room, kids were walking to different buildings between classes and a class of them were coming into the pool area for PE.

Surely I missed out by not going to school in CA. It looks like Grease or other movies, much different than my high schools.

It was quiet, just 1 other person lap swimming in the big pool, so I changed and jumped in. I worked a pyramid, getting 2100yds done in about 45minutes. Not too hard, but good work and I felt great. Outdoors, 72F air, 80F water, slightly salty, a great morning.

I think that last time I did this was when I lived here in 91/92, and there was an outdoor pool in Oceanside I'd go to and swim in the mornings sometimes. I miss that, though not sure I'd want to live here again.

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