Monday, September 9, 2013

End of the Season

The last baseball game of the season for my team was yesterday. It was the first playoff game, and we didn’t expect to do well, but we ended up having a nice game for 6 innings. We were in the lead, then had a tie before we fell apart a bit in the 6th or 7th. Some good hits, a few mistakes, and all of a sudden we were down a bunch. In the bottom of the 8th, we actually fell apart, let them get up by 10 and the game ended on a walk off single liner to left.

I had a decent game. Not at the plate. I popped up three times, getting under pitches and sending them up. However I caught on inside and fouled it over the right field fence. I haven’t had a good hard hit from the left side all year, only batting a couple games at the beginning of the season and then the last two weeks. Felt good to get ahold of one.

In the field I was at 2nd most of the game, then an inning at 3rd and the last one at short. At second I picked up two grounders in the first inning. The grass was tall and I had to charge them. Both were good throws, but the first guy was called safe. No one thought he was other than the umpire, but them’s the breaks. I got one bouncer thrown on a steal to second that I knocked down. Late I had the shortstop throw one low after he bobbled it and it was too low for the glove. It caught me in the hand and bruised a few fingers. Still sore today, but not too bad.

At third, I had a great inning. A pop up just on the foul line I caught. Then sitting on a bunt on the grass, I caught a short lined in the air and almost doubled the guy at first. I ended the inning by picking up a slow roller in the grass bare handed and throwing the guy out.

At short, not a great game. Missed a blooper that dropped just below my glove to the right. I was deep and the ball dropped quickly. Then on a grounder with the bases loaded, I picked it up and threw the guy out at home, but it wasn’t a great throw and we didn’t get the double.

A good end, but without a doubt my knee is jacked up. Struggled to run and took to cheating a bit in one direction or the other. I need to get it checked out, and will schedule something here in the next few weeks.

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