Monday, September 30, 2013

A Chore Day

With Tia gone, and no real commitments yesterday, I decided to get some things done around the house. Lots to do before winter hits and a shortage of time with lots of travel.

I started by feeding horses. I assumed Tia had the kids lined up, but with everyone asleep at 9am and me up, I decided to just do it. All the bales were stacked, so I needed to tractor one down before I could get going. That done, I had my first chance with the new feeders. They worked well and were fairly easy to load. Glad I built those, and it verified my plan to build more.

Next I tackled the dog area. It’s small, and while I need to expand it, I settled for cutting the grass, some of which was high, and picking up piles. It looks better, and I need to make sure the kids or one of us clean it out more regularly.

With that done, I decided to get the gate working next. Kyle had come out and said we were supposed to let horses loose while I was feeding, but then the gate looses power, it looses it’s settings. So I grabbed the manual and headed out to reprogram it. It took longer than expected, but I got it done. I need a post on how to do it, so I can easily find it.

I was feeling productive, and tackled the sprinklers next. It got down to 32 on Friday, and this couldn’t wait another week. Easy job, but it takes time. I wish I had a bigger compressor, but this worked:


At this point I needed a break. I made some lunch, and watched a few series of football before heading to town. I planned on building another feeder, and decided to try a new design. With a rough idea, I grabbed some supplies, some groceries, and headed home.

I worked on my feeder in the afternoon, dodging mosquitos and finally giving up around 6pm. It’s mostly, but not completely done. Heaver with 2x12s, but I think this might last longer. I’ll build a few more in this style and then decide in the spring which is better. I have orders from some of Tia’s friends for these, so I might enlist the boys to help build a few.



As I was finishing, Kendall asked for some homework help. I told her I’d be in soon, but would she walk the dogs and get the mail. She agreed, and looked cute on her return.



A good day, and I even got to watch the Broncos game, albeit a few hours late.

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