Saturday, March 24, 2012

Volleball Coach

My first official volleyball game as coach. Well, as the main coach. It's been a few years since I coached Delaney in football, being busy with work, but I agreed to take on Kendall's team this spring. The other coach, who's been the main coach for 2 years, was busy, so I met the girls down there for pictures, and then our 3 game match.

It looked bad in the first game, with us losing near the end 25-22, though I think we missed a point or two during the game due to poor scorekeeping. However the girls played well, hitting (I think) every ball on the serve, just not always getting a good hit or getting it over. They're playing better and moving more, which is great to see. The won the second game easily, and went up nicely in the third, going on to win.

Kendall, however, missed most of the games. In the warm-ups, she went to hit a ball, but it was coming to high and hit her in the eye and nose. She was hurt, and sat down watching for the first two games, not wanting to come in. For the third game, she felt better, and we rotated her in. No hits, but she did come up for the last serve to win the game. Very cool!

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