Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Need a Break

Or at least my body does. Last night I dropped Delaney off at tennis, then headed to karate. I was running a touch late, just got changed, uniformed, and strapped on braces when we were lining up for class. As soon as the warmup started, I thought I’d made a mistake. Sore left arm and shoulder, aching ankle, it felt like I was unprepared for class.

I took it easy, moving slow, but it was a hard class. Lots of kata, and thankfully a decent amount of Sho-dan II, which allowed me to drop out a bit.

As I drove back to get Delaney, I realized my shoulder was sore, both from baseball and from pounding the sledgehammer into a t-post on Sunday. I also thought about my workout week:

Sun - Baseball and running

Mon - Karate and running

Tue - snowboarding and running

Wed - running

Thur - volleyball and running

Fri - Running

Sat - running

Sun - Baseball, running, and fencing.

A lot of activity in the 8 days leading up to last night. Took it easier today on my run and need a few easy days, I think.

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