Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book #12 - Alien Assassin

The second book in the Fringe Worlds series, Alien Assassin picks up shortly after the end of the first book. Adam Cain has found his way to survive in the alien galaxy, as an assassin. He's not very stealthy, and not very subtle, but he manages to get through, even while being a little overconfident.

The book twists and the assassin part is less of the book. He kills someone for a crime lord, then when he goes to collect his money, he finds that his boss was killed. He chases the assassin, only to find it's another human, a woman. They get involved and we see them learning to work together and try to find Earth.

The Jureans are still after them, and Riyad is still around, this time captured by humans and the Klin. However there appear to be two types of humans. There are those kidnapped from Earth, but also some born and raised in the alien galaxy. There is some type of disagreement between them, and we aren't sure what it is, but it's again a wild, funny ride.

Read the first book, but this one was great and I look forward to book 3 this summer.

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