Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Little Poet

Delaney has been on a poetry unit in school, and had to write a number of poems. Last night he was going through them for a final project, and also had to include a critique of a poem. Kendall say it, liked it, and decided to write her own poem. I asked her to do her homework first, but she set that aside, saying she had to “get the poem out “ first.

Her first draft:

Photo Mar 01, 8 02 56 AM

I was cooking, and after she finished this, she immediately set to recopy it neater.

Photo Mar 01, 7 46 03 AM

But it didn’t fit.

Photo Mar 01, 8 02 49 AM

So she made a nicer, final copy.

Photo Mar 01, 7 46 07 AM

Very cool.

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