Sunday, March 11, 2012


Up late, with the time change, and just enough time to change and then head out to practice today. We only had 7, which was good and bad. A couple quick rounds of BP, which were a little struggle for me. I hit most of the throws my first time, but the guy was so close throwing that it felt like I didn't have time to decide what to do. Lots of arms, little hips in my swings.

The second time I went with the 32" bat and it was better, having moved the cage back a bit, but there were lots of inside throws, so I didn't get a lot of good hits. Did get some good eye practice though.

Infield was short, just a few times around. I fielded well, picking up all the balls, but had trouble a couple times getting it out of my glove and had a couple errant throws. Overall, good to be back out there.

Only one more practice for me, before I miss three weeks, so I'm a little worried. I need to find some cage time, or some practice time at home.

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