Monday, March 19, 2012

Manning to Denver

I was listening to the re-broadcast of Mike and Mike this morning while taking kids to school. They were talking about Manning still thinking of the Bronco’s, 49ers, and Titans. The thought was that the 49ers were the best choice, and overall I’d agree. Great defense, good running game, Moss, a great tight end. However there are the Packers, the Saints, and little brother Eli with the Giants. A tough road, probably tougher than the Patriots/Steelers/Ravens/Texans gauntlet in the AFC.

However the issue with Denver, and the Titans (to me), is that while they’re good teams, with good running games, they’re not quite contenders. I’d think that the Texans would be the best choice, with a fantastic defense and good offensive decisions. They could trade Shaub, and still have Yates as a backup getting groomed.

Denver does make a better choice than the Titans, only because you don’t face Houston twice a year. Better to face KC, Oakland, SD, which could be 3 easy games. I think the Chargers are declining, Oakland is Oakland, and KC is better, but not great.

Exciting times to be a Bronco fan.

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