Sunday, March 4, 2012


First time outside and fielding balls and playing baseball today. Windy, and not a great day to start. After a short warmup, we had two teams taking infield. There were 5 or 6 people at 3rd, so I slid to first and started taking balls there. With the wind coming from right field, balls from short and third were tailing away. Missed a few, and had one skip off the top of my glove and tag my shoulder. Hard to see, and I had to be careful for a bit.

When we started playing, we did 6 outs on a side. I batted early, but the ball kept tailing away and I fouled one off and missed another for a third strike. The first pitch was the best, a little outside and a touch high, and I shouldn't have let it go. Two more at-bats had me ahead of the pitches, grounding out to first.

In the field, I got more comfortable. A fly ball in left drifted on me, but then fielded a couple grounders at third and felt good, throwing a few people out. No first base, but good to get out.

Hopefully two more practices for me, and then I'll miss the first two games in April, but the season should get moving after that.

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