Friday, March 9, 2012

20 points

Last night was our first adult volleyball match. It was also Kendall’s first practice, and we all headed down after school for her practice, which went well. Good to see all the girls, and 8/10 on her team are returning.

My game was at 8:40, late for the kids, so I brought them home, get them ready for bed, and headed back. I called back at 8:30 to tell Kendall to hit the sack, and reminded Delaney to finish studying and then go to bed at 9. They were asleep when I got home around 9:50, so I think they complied.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. We are a collection of 40 year olds, that have gotten to know each other the last year or so with our girls playing, and just put this together. The other team we played were younger, mostly in their 20s, and had played.

Three 21 point games.

We scored 20 points total in three games.

It was somewhat ugly, but we got over it quickly and just laughed at ourselves. We lost 3 games in 25 minutes, then scrimmaged for another 20 minutes, laughing and just hitting the ball around.

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