Saturday, October 8, 2011

A totally different Saturday afternoon

When I got back from England last Sunday, I was already looking to this weekend. Tia had a dressage show and I had to take Kendall to volleyball and coach the team as her regular coach was out of town. An early game, but not too early at 10. Te to maybe get some work or chores done.

I planned to bring her home, then plant some trees in the yard and go out to Colorado Ski & Golf to get her Keystone pass and spend some Daddy/daughter time as Tia was taking Delaney on a date to see Contagion. In the middle of the week I thought I should also blow out sprinklers as I'll be gone all next week in Seattle.

Things didn't go as planned.

The first fail was last night. Scheduled to go to a freinds to celebrate their birthday, I was cooling fajitas for Delaney. Tia was coming home from a ride and then we would take Kendall to get dinner and wine to take over.

Just as I put chicken on the grill, Tia called. Her truck died on E Parker Rd. She needed a jump so I headed over after getting the grill and stove off. We jump the truck and it dies a minute later. Repeat and same result. Tia moves wine to Sat and I tell her it's too dangerous to drive the truck. She calls a friend to borrow a trailer since we have Gemini in ours and call AAA. Then cancel that because she doesn't want to leave her trailer on the side of the road.

Her friend comes with her husband and gives Tia her truck and trailer so we can get Gemini home and Tia can get to her show today. We have already unloaded most of the expensive tack into the Suburban and we go home, calling it a night early.

This morning I wake up at 8:55am. We wanted to leave at 8:45, so I'm late. Get Kendall going and as I walk by the large window in the foyer I see snow outside. Not a dusting but what looks like 2-3" at least. I call the Rec center and volleyball is on, so we head down.

I like to call since we are so far out of town that it's hard to tell how bad things are at times. We make it down, splashing through slush to get in. Not a great match, losing the first two, but 5 great overhand serves from one girl and 5 from Kendall won the third. Good effort from the girls and fun for me.

I was thinking we would grab lunch and then head home instead Kendall wants to get a Halloween costume. We usually wait too long so I spend an hour watching her try on 5 or 10 costumes. Finally we grab lunch and head home.

No rest for me. Call AAA to tow Tia's truck, head out, drive 2 miles back to get the keys I forgot. Go to Starbucks since I'm sure the toe truck guy will be slow. Come back and sit by the road, waiting and working a touch.

He comes and gets the truck 30 minutes or so later. Now I'm writing this, waiting for a friend to come tow Tia's trailer.

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