Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Shut Down Night

No scouts tonight. We haven't been in a few weeks and I wanted Delaney to go and chug through a little more work, but he came home tired, said he'd been congested and sneezing at school, so I got him some food and sent him to bed.Tia wasn't far behind, going to sleep around 5:30, just tired.

I'm not much better myself. Every once in awhile, every month or so, I think we all need a bit of a break. The kids don't run as hard as Tia and I, but they get worn out, especially when we have a busy weekend. Gone all day Sat at the maze and then up late with Kendall (me) and sleepover (Delaney), and chores on Sun with Tia gone riding all day, it felt like last week blended into this one.

With a trip next week and one the week after, and one the week after, I need to take it easy as well. Nice quiet, restful night at home, with a little TV and that's it.

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