Sunday, October 16, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Kendall asked me if I'd take her to a movie yesterday when I got home. I've been gone all week, and didn't see her until Sat morning when I went to wake her up for volleyball. Getting an excited squeal and a big hug from her that morning was wonderful. It warms my heart to have her still be excited to see me.

Volleyball was good, though she was a little sluggish. Slow to move and a little out of it at times. Some good plays, some good tries, but some I think she could have made if she had been a little more excited. The team won a game in each of their two matches, but lost 2, so they ended up losing both matches. Not sure what that means for her team in the tournament in two weeks, but we'll see.

Afterwards we spent the afternoon at the Wild West Corn Maze, a 35 acre maze in a cornfield. Yesterday was horse day and the little kids were excited to ride horses through there. We drove up with three horses and a book. Guess who the book was for?

I helped them get tacked up and both Kendall and Delaney were excited. You can see them up on their horses first, getting ready to head out.

I was thinking to walk through, but they had the horse and people areas separated. I went to get some water as everyone else headed out for the maze, as you can see below.

It was a nice afternoon, and I sat outside, reading my book while they were in the maze. A little windy, but after a semi-hectic week for me in Seattle, it was nice to just sit down and not run around too much.

Everyone got back, excited from the trip. Tia walked a bit to ensure things were safe, the horses behaved, and Delaney navigated them through the maze pretty well.

Afterwards we walked over to the rest of the area, a large jumping pillow (like a tramp), a petting zoo where Tia and the kids were excited to feed some goats and sheep. Slightly worrisome to me since everyone was asking if we were going to get a goat or sheep for the ranch. Despite the horses we have, apparently Kendall still loves to meet new horses.

Kendall also got in the Hamster balls, rolling around in a pool of water. She loved it, thought we couldn't get Delaney to try it. They climbed some hay, and eventually we left for home.

When we got home, I ran, and Kendall asked again if I'd take her to see Dolphin Tale. We checked and it was a late showing, but I agreed to go. My little girl isn't always excited to do things with me and at some point it will end, so I'm taking advantage of it.

It's a good movie, a feel good movie based on a true story of a boy that helps rescue a dolphin that is trapped by a rope and washes up on shore. The tail is removed because it's dead tissue, and the dolphin learns to swim, but they eventually work on a prosthesis to give her a tale. Not quite how the previews make it out, but still good. I kept watching Kendall during the movie and she was really smiling, enjoying the parts where the dolphin or the boy grew and prospered.

A late night, but a good one and fun for me with the family during the day and my little girl at night.

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