Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Struggling to unwind

Why is it hard to unwind and relax away from work? I'm asking myself that as I walk around Bainbridge Island today. I'm doing all the right things. I'm away from work, across the Puget Sound, no real agenda, a good book to read (The Thousand), wandering around town looking at shops, stopping for a leisurely lunch, taking a bit of time in a bookstore. I'm even walking slowly, drawing out my steps, deliberately moving slowly to enjoy the day.

Yet I'm still a little anxious and amped. Instead of the stress and buzzing feeling bleeding away, I still feel like I should be back in Seattle at the conference doing something. I should be learning something, or talking to people.

It's a hard feeling to shake, and my last attempt here is a little writing to try and unwind. I left the conference after the Red Gate announcement this morning, deliberately trying to get away from everyone after two very hectic days and spend a little quiet time. Since I can't go home until Friday, the next best thing was to leave Seattle. I thought about the Boeing Factory tour, but it started too early for me, so I thought taking a ferry across, doing my Grey's Anatomy impression would be a good second choice.  I chose Bainbridge Island, riding across the water, reading, and then wandering around the small downtown area.

I did get to talk to Tia, which was nice. We've been busy, hectic even in our lives, and haven't had much time to spend together. A few more weeks and I'll stop most things until the end of the year, at least. Maybe longer, just getting the minimal work done. We chatted, me sitting on a bench in an open sitting area between two shops, relaxing on a wooden bench talking about life.  She asked me who I impersonated, and I was thinking Derek, the surgeon that is driven, but manages to get away from work and life out away from everyone. I'm not sure how successful I am at that, but I've trying to get better.

I know that I'm missing things, but also not missing anything critical. I can get the DVDs for the sessions, I can see what others think of them on Twitter or in blogs, and watch things later. However I still feel this pull back to the world of technology. It's crazy, especially given that I'm on a beautiful island, on a nice October day with the sun shining in Western Washington. How could things get better?

Almost time to head back, and even though I don't feel completely relaxed, I know it's been good for me to get away. even for a few hours to not have any obligations.

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