Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On the road to Eagle

Delaney had a Scout Court of Honor last night, where he got one more merit badge.


He received Citizenship in the Community, one of the required Eagle badges, which was something we started two years ago. It was a slow process, mostly just trying to schedule stuff. He watched a movie that he had to discuss, and then it took 3 or 4 months to get time with the counselor, or make time, and discuss it. Same with his interview, and a few other things. The only thing that he did quickly was the community service, doing probably twice as much as he needed for the local food bank.


I only had the iPhone, which doesn’t take great pictures at distance, but here he is on stage.

Overall, he’s making good progress to Eagle.  He has 15 merit badges now, with 2 more in progress (climbing and personal fitness). He has 4 Eagle required ones, and I expect he’ll have one more in March. He should get his Star then since he’s finishing the last requirement of being a leader.

At 12, almost 13, he’s in good shape. I expect him to get Life around this time next year, or Mar 2013 if he skips a leadership term in the spring. That gets him on a good pace to get Eagle sometime when he’s 15, which is exciting.

One of my few regrets from childhood is not continuing with Scouts and getting Eagle. Hoping Delaney gets through it himself.

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