Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The godfather

I saw a post today that included me in it. It was written a few weeks ago, before my trip to Seattle, and I missed it in the haste of preparations. It’s written about people you might want to talk to, and I’m listed there in this quote:

Try to get a run in with Steve Jones from SQL Server Central. This man is an inspiration to so many for his daily running routine. Even if you see him in the elevator while going to run will be an inspiration. Ask him how much he likes shoveling hay. If you don’t’ have guts enough to do this, simply thank him for being the godfather of this SQL community we now enjoy. If you have the time, listen and learn. He can teach you so much about so much. As those of us that have learned from him for many many years can attest.

Very touching, and I don’t know how many people read it, but I had 40+ people running with me on Wednesday morning in Seattle and 4 or 5 looking to run with me next week in Las Vegas.

One minor correction, which TJay should know since I think my wife had him man a shovel when he was here earlier this year. I shovel manure, and throw hay.

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