Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time for a little more tech in the World Series

It's time for a little more technology in baseball, and especially in the World Series. I heard Mike and Mike talk about it, but apparently the Cardinals has trouble communicating with the bullpen. The visitors dugout can't see the visitor's bullpen, apparently, which caused problems. LaRussa said he was looking for one pitcher to warm up, but the coaches in the outfield didn't realize it.

I don't think this is any excuse for the Cardinals. The Rangers beat them, hitting the ball well, and it might have happened no matter who pitched. Napoli is hitting well right now, so it's not a reason the Rangers won. I think the teams are fairly evenly matched, and whoever wins deserves the win.

However this is a little ridiculous. I know in the NFL that the home team won't show replays that might help the other team, which is a little gamesmanship, but also garbage in my mind. We ought to be settling the game on the field, not giving the home team's coach a technical advantage.

In baseball, there is limited technology, but couldn't we get a camera in the bullpen that the manager can see in the dugout? Maybe some text messages or chat? It's silly that the Cardinals, or Rangers, or any other team can't make the change they want because of the inability to hear coaches talking. Or because designers move the bullpens around to make it hard for the the visitors to see something. In my mind, we are settling sports contests on the field, and we ought let the players and coaches win the game based on their skills, not some off the field technical change.

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