Monday, October 3, 2011

One Sick, One Restless

I got home last night to find everyone in my bed, and Kendall sick with a fever. She's working on a cold of sorts, and was sluggish last night. She slept with Tia and I and we kept her home today. She's better, and needs to go to school, which is good. She's getting better.

Delaney was fine last night, but when I went to get him up at 6, he was lying in the bathroom, headphones on, watching a movie on Netflix. He'd been up all night goofing off. Fortunately for him it was really 5 as my clock had the wrong time. Unfortunately, he only got an hour's sleep before I got him up, with little sympathy, and sent him to school. I'm sure he's going to be wiped out tonight.

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