Monday, October 31, 2011

A Chore Weekend

I got back from LA Saturday afternoon, racing to Kendall’s volleyball party from the airport. Her team had won on Thur night, but lost their game Sat morning, so they didn’t play for the championship, but they had a good season, and the girls were all smiling when they arrived.

It was a nice party, and the coach officially committed to parents for the spring season. He also announced I’d be helping coach, since I think his wife is looking for a break. So I have a new job next spring, which I’ll be planning travel around.

Afterwards we took it easy, coming home and I did a little grass cutting to get things knocked down. A bunch of spots never got cut this summer, and I won’t get them all done, but I wanted to knock down a little on East where the kids want to sled when we have snow. That was cut short as we had to run Kendall to a Halloween party with Girl Scouts, so Tia and I dropped her off before heading out on a date.

Which didn’t go well. We went for sushi, and I was tired, but halfway through dinner I started to get chills and go downhill. Not sure what was wrong, but I felt bad and she brought me home to sleep early. I felt much better Sun morning, though not 100%. So we were lazy, laying in bed and watching a little TV while kids occupied themselves.

The afternoon was a chore afternoon. Tia ran with me, a nice 3mi run down the road before I worked on the shade shelter, re-screwing down the metal roof, adding the metal edging, and caulking a few spots that had torn. The wind is brutal around here, and I wanted to get that done.

With more time, I also painted the trim around our new window and around the garage doors, which has been let go for too long, and needed to be done. With that done, I cooked dinner, before relaxing for the evening.

A fairly quiet weekend, getting some things done that I have put off for a long time.

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