Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up and Down

2/3 of a bottle of Chardonnay later I'm better, but I was ready to pack up kids and head home earlier. And I told them that.

We got a late start, leaving the house about 9 to start our skiing vacation. Tia was staying back to get some horse stuff done and Kyle had a Diversity conference, so they were supposed to come meet us. I just talked to them and they're about to leave, so not likely to be here much before 9:30.

We had an OK drive up, and got here, parked, rode the bus to Keystone and got on the gondola. It started almost right away with Delaney's board being set up for regular footing. He's goofy footed so we stopped at the top the reverse his bindings. Of course there were people waiting to use the tools, which almost never happens. That bench is empty almost every time I go up.

We did that and started down, Delaney first as I got him buckled up. Kendall waited for me and we started down, but I couldn't find Delaney. We got down to the turn right down the mountain (the first 1/2mi or so runs along the ridge, and we waited there for Delaney. That was after Kendall wiped out and was upset. Her boots hadn't been buckled, and so we got her squared away and started down. 2 minutes down she collapses at a spot and I stopped to wait for her. I was already 50 yards passed her and called for her to get up, but she wouldn't. We sat there for close to 10 minutes before she got up. About that time Delaney got to us and he had been waiting for us higher up. I told him not to wait long since he's the slowest one and we started down.

Kendall dropped off through the kids area and again I was past her. Coming out of there is a fairly high hill and she got scared and lay down again. Once again I had to wait 10-15 minutes for her to finally get up and get going, by this time Delaney was way past us.

She was upset, so I stopped her, calmed her down so she'd be safe, and we headed down. She pouted the whole way down and as we moved onto the last narrow pass, some kid cut me off and actually hit my board. A nice fall for me and a slightly sore neck didn't help my mood. I get to the bottom and can't find kids. Finally I locate Kendall down below the fences, 1/2way to the gondola. We're looking for Delaney and I'm sure he isn't behind us, but we spend 5 minutes or so looking. Finally we walk to the gondola and Delaney's there.

2 1/2 hours in the car (we did hit some traffic)

15 minutes running this am

15 minutes riding the gondola up (it actually stopped for a few minutes at one point)

20 minutes waiting for Kendall to get up and ski at various times

15-20 minutes looking/waiting for Delaney

probably 12 minutes boarding.

I was pissed when we got together and with Kendall saying she didn't want to ski, I was ready to pack up and go home. 3 lift tickets wasted, one run, Grrrrrrrrrrr

We left, got some Wendy's, and I sat there fuming. I couldn't reach Tia, but finally decided to go check in at our condo. I kept thinking I'd head home and Tia would be driving up.

So I got two bottles of wine, some pizza, juice, misc stuff and checked in.

Been reading and trying to relax. Wine helps.

Not a great start to a vacation.

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