Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving Stuff

It's a moving stuff morning, at least it feels that way. I got the kids up and fed without Tia and then packed them up for the drive to school. We were a touch late getting up so we missed the bus. Then I came back, drove to the barn and then got on the ATV. It's warmer today, but still about 32-34F and so I drove a bail of hay out to the west pasture and spread it around. I made it back with some cold fingers and drove to the house.

And remembered it was trash day. So I brought cans out of the garage, opened the Prius and found Tia's saddle in there. So I drove back to the barn, unloaded that, cranked the heat, drove back and loaded up 2 cans. Drove to the street, back, repeat, and I'm finally back at work, or rather, getting to work.

Feels like I'm moving stuff around. Now I need to pack up shirts and go ship them out.

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