Sunday, January 25, 2009

Motivating Myself

Some days I run to get stronger, I push myself, I have a specific goal.

Some days I run as a release, remove stress, work the body, knowing I'll feel better.

Some days I run just because I have a streak.

I was worried about running on my trip to the UK, especially the travel days. Anytime I'm out of my routine, I worry about how and when I'll get things done. Running on the trip over was a challenge when my flight got canceled and I was stranded in Chicago. On the way back, I had a 9am flight out of Heathrow, getting in around 7:30pm Denver time. That means that I'd get up at 6, or that's when I had a wake up call scheduled, was going to try and run, but if I didn't, 21 hours later I'd be home and could run then.

Or would I?

Flying all across the world and then trying to run was a recipe for disaster. I had planned on packing a shirt and deodorant in my bag so I could run in DC when I had a layover, but that was iffy.

So after tossing and turning, my internal clock still a mess, I got up at 5:36, shook off some tiredness, walked downstairs and was running by 5:41.

I'm proud of myself for getting up and moving, something that most people might not do, and I was tempted not to do myself. I'll still pack a shirt since you never know what could go wrong, but I'm confident that I'll figure out a way around it.

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