Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving the Office

For awhile at the end of the year I was thinking that maybe I should move my office to the basement. Tia's busy on the phone, I make noise, and there are times I need to be able to talk on the phone or use the speakers to edit stuff. Over the summer it was no big deal doing it in the basement, but with the heater kicking on and off now, it's hard to work down there.

I spent about an hour down there today, shooting podcasts, working around the heater kicking on and off, and at the end, I had to get upstairs. It is cold down there and it took me 30 or 40 minutes to warm up my fingers while drinking coffee and sitting in the kitchen. I realize that without major insulation work that the basement isn't likely to be a great place for working for now. I know we could open vents down there and shut off a room, but I'm definitely rethinking that after a spending time down there today.

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