Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Coffee Maker

Tia got us a Capresso coffee maker for Christmas, but I didn't like it. The kids weren't thrilled when we sent it back because it had a steamed milk attachment they liked for hot chocolate. But the coffee wasn't real hot and it was a pain, to me, to make. Too many steps and things to do, which I didn't like. I wanted something simple, like our perculators, but we haven't had great luck with those working over the years, so Tia researched some other types at coffeegeek and picked a Bunn one.

It arrived last night, and Tia messed with a little. I figured I'd let her get it working and then see. We had our first pot this morning, a little weak on the coffee, so Tia dumped it and brewing #2 now. We'll see how it works out.

We're not super snobby, but we both like coffee, especially hot coffee, and most coffee makers don't do it for us. We don't want to spend $800, but we are happy to go a hundred or two for a good brewer.

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