Friday, January 30, 2009


It happens once a year or so, and it happened again recently. If you use Firefox, or I resume Chrome, you'll get a message from Google that it's a hacked site. On one hand I applaud Google for warning people, on the other hand, it's annoying for me.

I went through the database and found a bunch of script stuff stuck in the tables from a SQL Injection attack. I'm sure it's someone trying to distribute malware, and I know I should have coded things better, but it wasn't a big deal when a lot of the site was built. Now it's just annoying.

So I cleaned things out and changed a little code this morning. I requested Google to review it again, not sure how long that takes, and I don't have time to recode everything, though that might be a good vacation project for me. Actually I should rebuild the site somehow with a new framework. I've considered DotNetNuke, and I've considered some other ones. Probably none will work great, maybe this is a good project for me to just undertake to learn some coding stuff.

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