Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back from the long month

October was a long month. 10 days of travel to FL and the UK, then another 6 days in Seattle, which made for a long month. Half of it on the road.

However it was a good trip. A bit of silliness, as we raised 25k for Doctors Without Borders.

Our SQL in the City event was a success, even if I didn't quite fit in.

 I got to see a lot of friends. Pinal, from India, is one of the few that's been the ranch, and someone I rarely see since he's halfway around the world. However we had a chance to chat, as I did with a number of people.

It's always strange that I get so busy that I don't have time to spend with as many people as I'd like. I find myself missing opportunities to see people at events. However I do try and focus on the people I get to talk to. Some of them old friends, some of them I've met for the first time, but I give them my attention when they're in front of me. Overall, things work out well.

 Bob came to Denver in September, and then I saw him last week. Lots of fun.

 South Africa, Germany, Venezuela, and me.

 A good dinner at FareStart. They're a great non-proft in Seattle that I'm glad Redgate supports.

Overall, it was a stressful month with a keynote to polish and two new sessions to get done and deliver. Things went well, and I'm looking forward to a quiet month, with relatively little going on for a few weeks.

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