Monday, November 16, 2015

Second Place

Saturday was the first Knowledge Bowl meet of the season. I went up to watch Delaney while Tia had Kendall and volleyball practice. It was a long drive (2 hours), but I'm glad I went. I was supposed to drive, but the kids ended up getting a bus, so I dropped Delaney off at 6:30, came home to feed horses for 45min, and then headed up.

The kids had a smaller team go up. I know some kids are busy, like Kendall, but all in all, they were only8, so no subs. I got there as they were in the first oral round. Last year they were in second all year, by a wide margin behind Fort Morgan, who would kill them. This time they were up 7-2 when I walked in.

It wasn't all good as they had scored 41 to Fort Morgan's 49 in the written round. We certainly have some work to do there to get a better start. However they ended up winning the first  round and getting within 2 points.

 The started the second round in high spirits and hung in there. They seem to get down a bit in the round, moving slower at the end, and lost by 2 points. However being within 4 was great. Unfortunately they dropped in the third round when FM went on a 7 or 8 question run to win by 7.

The last round was a tie, and the kids were encouraged. A winning round and a tie, and well ahead of third place. They ended up taking second, but broke 100 points, to 101 (behind winning 112). That was encouraging as many of the meets were 120-85 last year. They're closing in, and hopefully improve.

We're sad that Delaney will miss the next meet as Kyle graduates that say, but hopefully the team does well.

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