Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Refugees

Cato sometimes gets too libertarian for me, but this is a good look at data. Not emotion, data. I think we're pretty safe, and we can handle things.

That being said, if you still think that refugees are a problem and we shouldn't help because we'll get attacked, or they've evil, you're a fucktard.

If you want to say we should support veterans first, then why not both? And if you believe we should support veterans, why haven't you been pushing for that already? McCain voted to keep aid going to Egypt (among other places) and debated that ( Rubio voted with him, probably plenty of others since they opposed Ran Paul's amendment to stop that. Both also voted against a bill for additional funding of benefits for veterans.

So if you don't want refugees and you haven't thought about veterans before this debacle, double fucktard.

Will someone that threatens the US get in as a refugee? Perhaps. I'm sure we can handle it. I'm far more worried about domestic terrorism. I'm much more worried that some US citizen idiot with a gun or bomb would target kids, or blacks, or browns, or mosques, or synagogues.

As I go to the airport tomorrow, I'm much more likely to be detained and harassed by the TSA. As I go to a mostly white state, I'm much more likely to be mugged, or attacked or beaten by some young idiot whose parents taught him that dark skin colored people are lazy, or shiftless, or dangerous or some other fucking silly notion. I am far more likely to face issues from a police officer at night than from a terrorist.

I'm confident we can handle a few people in the US that might want to do us harm. We deal with that every day now.

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