Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I started getting ready for winter over the weekend, putting the markers up. It was surprising to me that the first time it snowed we couldn't find the driveway and safely get out. Ever since then I've worked to get these up every year before the ground disappears. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I'm glad I have these.

 I also got the tractor set with the blade on the back. Here's hoping we get snow.

Yesterday we decided to winterize the trailer. We've been putting it off since we thought Tia would take a trip, but she decided not to, so we rolled the trailer over to the sewer and dumped it in there yesterday. Since we went to that effort, we also decided to drain all the water, including the water heater, which I'm doing here.

We've never done this, but it seemed simple. We went slow, both of us double checking each other's work and reading the manual. We got the sewage drained, then the water, and once everything was gone, we closed some valves and then added antifreeze to the system.

Time will tell if we did things right, but we are now just waiting on a cover to come to close things up. A friend also suggested papering the inside with dryer sheets to keep mice out, so we'll give that a try as well.

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