Friday, November 20, 2015

A good presentation

I had committed to the Denver SQL Server User Group last night to present. The guy in charge caught me on my travels in Oct and asked if I could present. Since I hadn't made it to any of the 3 Denver groups, I agreed. I try to get to each one once a year and I feel guilty for not making it.

I was stressed to get there, having to get Delaney after school and then race out to the tech center. I made it fine, and was only a little nervous. This was a presentation I hadn't done in a year, and I spent a bit of time ensuring the scripts and code would run this week, but I really only went over it once. I also wasn't sure how interesting this would be for people. I wondered if most had heard of the topic.

I was surprised to see that most people didn't know about it and of the 44 or so people there, there were 4-5 that were interested.  It went well, a good presentation from me (I thought).

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