Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Afternoon

I got out late morning with the tractor to help Tia. She couldn't get the UTV out to the feeders. However with the forks on, I couldn't move snow. Just too much. While I spent a good 30 minutes trying to change to the bucket, she just fed by the barn.

 However I had to get out and move snow so she could then get the UTV to the front of the barn and put it inside. While some places had little snow, like the front yard, we had lots of 3-4' drifts.

I worked my way down the track and plowed out to the West pasture so those horses could get back and Tia could get to feeders later in the day.

 I had to go back and work a bit, but then I went out to plow. Kendall had practice, and we weren't sure what the roads were like. I'm glad I put up markers a few weeks ago, and added a few this past weekend. I'd have no idea where the driveway was without them.

I managed to plow out to the main road, but it was a mess. Fortunately the neighbor's workers drove a Bobcat down from their office and cleared all the way out to the county roads. I came back and grabbed the BMW, and saw that we could get out, so we left a little early and made practice.

Quite the day, and we returned home to find out the county cancelled schools again today. Apparently little plowing was done yesterday, so they weren't sure they could get people (staff) to work, and it's a bit dangerous for kids.

In any case, another snow day for the kids. Delaney is especially pleased.

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