Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Moving Forward, slowly

Delaney's Eagle project has been moving slowly. Very slowly, but we got him going recently. We went out and marked some spaces, and sent them to his sponsor. We got a late start, and it was cold, so we were hurrying and didn't do exact measurements.

I want to get this moving, but have lots of stuff in the way. I travel the weekend of the 20/21 and then the 5th. Kyle graduates on the 12th, and Delaney and I were thinking of going to Florida on the 18th. Then Christmas.

Crazy. I'd like to get this moving, so maybe we can get some volunteers in short stretches to make this happen.

We did make it to the Veteran's Day celebration, which was nice. Delaney looked great in his uniform.

He also go to raise the American flag and helped with the Army flag. It was neat to see him up there and I think it was a bit inspiring for him.

We'll see if we can get things moving.

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