Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weld County High School

 Tuesday was an away game, up in Weld County, which is quite a drive. Tia and I made our way up there with Kyle to watch Kendall's team get (hopefully) revenge. They didn't play well when in the home match  and lost.

We watched a close, long, match from the C team before Kendall got out there. The first game was a wreck, with our team unable or receive passes or hit the ball over. Kendall struggled on some serves and came out near the end, but the game wasn't close. Something like 25-12 to end things.

The second match was better. More energy, and better play. Didn't see many hard hits from Kendall, but she pushed one over nicely here.

There was also a great block from Kendall. I was behind, and she really got up and front, stuffing the ball down. That was exciting.

The team went on to win and set up a third. They were ahead, and playing well, but then gave things away. Too many mistakes, 4 bad serves (none Kendall) and some mistakes and it was close, 13-13 before EHS blew a couple points.

 Disappointing, but always fun to see Kendall play.

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