Friday, October 9, 2015

Tough Loss

Tuesday was the last school for Kendall's team to play in our league. They started their second set of matches on Thur, but I missed last night as I was out of town. That's no good, as she got into a few of the varsity sets which is so cool. Freshman Kendall, only freshman on JV, got to play in her second (or third) varsity game.

Tuesday was Fort Morgan, undefeated at the varsity level (like Elizabeth) and a good showdown. We were hoping things would be competitive. The first point was a long rally, 3 or 4 times on each side, with good sets, hits, and passes. Kendall's team lost the point and things got worse. 

Fort Morgan was good at picking up hits, and they passed well. Our team didn't. I tracked passes and almost none were in the set zone, so Kendall was running all over. The kids stopped hitting and tipped a lot. Really on both sides with our blockers, but EHS struggled to pick up the passes.

They lost, none of the games close. Everyone got tight, including Kendall, and they pulled her briefly in the second set. She was out for 6 or so points before she went back in to finish things off.

It was a tough game, and Kendall was a bit down, but  we tried to give her ideas and tips to make Thur better. Hopefully things get better in the next few weeks.

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