Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Book #69 - One Shot

I've read this one a few times, and once I started, I was hoping to find time to watch the movie again. One Shot is a sniper story, where someone kills 5 people one day in a midwestern town. They police use forensics and track down the killer quickly, who is a former sniper. He doesn't say much other than "Find Jack Reacher" before he's beaten in jail and put in a coma.

Reacher sees this on the news and heads to the city, intent on something. The book leads us early to think he's going to help, but we find out the sniper did this in the Army and Reacher told him he'd bury him if it ever happened again.

However when someone tries to run Reacher off and hurt him, he's not willing to leave, and slowly unravels the mystery. A good book, and while not one of the best, it also made a good movie.

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