Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Technology Helps

As I was packing yesterday, I got a number of alerts on my phone through email from United. At first, I wasn't worred, a 10 minute delay in my flight, but as I walked downstairs to leave, I got another alert, and I'm glad I checked. A long delay, almost an hour.

That wasn't good. I have take the 3:40 flight to DC, arriving at 9pm in time to catch a 10pm flight to London a number of times. A few times I've had to run through Dulles, along with 5-10 other passengers on the same connection, to get to London. That is one time I've appreciated status as I can go to the front of the line when they're boarding and get on.

However an hour delay is no good. That means I won't make my connection. I called United, and as I was starting to search for alternatives, I decided to just go. I was glad I did as I got an agent on the line as I was driving and she worked with me to re-book me through Houston, but I had a slightly earlier flight to Houston. Glad I was on the road.

What's more, she got me an aisle on the full flight to Houston, and a little more time for my connection to grab food in Houston. What's more, I got 2 seats to myself to London. Not as good as 3, but not bad. I ended up with an easy flight over the water, and got some sleep, arriving a touch later, but rested and ready.

I missed a meeting, but only one. I could have missed a whole day.

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