Saturday, March 22, 2014

Power #4

Another early morning, up at 5:30 for the Power #4 tournament for Kendall. We should have gotten up at 5:15 as we were 15 minutes late heading up to Greeley again. Not a big deal, as Kendall didn't get into the first match. Once again, against the Juniors who we've beaten twice lately and who beat us early in the year. These matches are always tough and close.

We won the first, 27-25, and worked for it. A close one. In the second, we were behind for the whole game, finally taking the lead at 24-23, blowing a few chances, but winning 28-26.

With that one behind us, we settled in for a match with Momentum, a team that started in DIII, but moved up to DII this time. We were wondering how this would go as they didn't offer Kendall a spot on their top team.

Kendall got into the matches, and had a few hits. We didn't win as decisively as I'd expected, making some mistakes, but we played well and won both sets to take a 2-0 lead into the last match of the day. In between, the girls ref'd a match and sat a match, and things were slow, with us starting after 2:00. It was close in both games, us making more mistakes than I'd like to see, but the girls pulled together to win both. Kendall didn't play, but she cheered and was in good spirits.  They posed with their winning pins for taking tops in their division.

Now we go back to D1 in two weeks. Hopefully we come together and win a set or two up there, if not a match.

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