Monday, March 31, 2014

Ehh Volleyball

Last night Kendall and I went to the gym for pickup volleyball. We warmed up with some passing drills for 30 minutes and then did some set and hit. Mostly her, a little me, though I wasn't jumping. It was slow going, and not a lot of people showed up. We had two girls and a Mom from last week, and then 3 other girls and a Dad that we see often. There was also another Dad and his son there, and they weren't good. Somewhat spazzy.

As a result, when we started playing, it was a bad game of volleyball. The game went slow, lots of serves not returned, and it just wasn't fun. Everyone just got a little sluggish and distracted with poor play. We played 6 on 6, then 5 on 5 and as 7:00 approached, Kendall was ready to go. Just not a lot of fun.

Disappointing for sure, and not great. I ended up tweaking my back slightly and it aches a little today. Not good passes from me either, just not moving well, not hitting well.

Still, better than lying around at home and a good conversation with my little girl.

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