Sunday, March 2, 2014

Power #3 - Another Tough Day

We weren't sure how Kendall's team would do today at their third Power tournament. They moved back up to the division #1 area and faced 3 tough teams again. Once again, it wasn't good. 0-6 for the day, competitive in 2, maybe 3 games at the most, blown out in one.

We prepped ourselves, getting a hotel in the Springs last night so we wouldn't have to get up early and drive so far. As a result, with a late start for our team, we could sleep until 7 this morning. We got there and it started rough, with Kendall jamming a finger early. I ran upstairs to get tape, and the coach taped her up, and she did OK in the first game. Not a blowout, but a 25-18 or so loss. Then things went down for us.

Kendall didn't play the second game, nor did she play in the second match, which was right after the first. Tia and I were wondering and couldn't really figure out why. Kendall did OK when she was in there, and the other girls in her spot don't seem to be that much better, so I'm not sure what went on. Tia plans on talking to the coach tomorrow night or Tuesday, so we'll see.

The girls didn't do that well, though they did get the second match games into the 20s before losing. Close, but the team just kept making mistakes and couldn't finish. The third match was after a break, and Kendall played one game, but not the other. She did OK, having a few scores and points made, but not that much time on the court. Overall it's a little disappointing to us, and Kendall as well.

Next weekend is the big Colorado tournament, and hopefully she'll play more.

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