Friday, March 21, 2014


Last night at the Denver SQL Server Users Group the presentation was a murder mystery story presentation. While talking about Reporting Services, the main presenter set the stage of a mystery where a problem occurred on the network and there were four suspects in the company. I was one of them, and was sent some lines late Wed night to work on.

I wanted to do a good job. It’s all in fun, and I saw this last year, but the guest suspects read lines off of paper and it took something away. I decided to spend my walk practicing, going over lines.

Like a real actor.

I was still a bit nervous, thinking I’d forget something. I ended up messing one line up, but the way I messed it up was a bit funny. Instead of “

“I’m a consultant. Don’t pay me to have me listen to you talk about how you won’t pay me.”

I said

“I’m a consultant. Don’t tell me you’re going to pay me to tell me how you’re not going to pay me.”

the host took a few seconds to pause and parse my mistake, which got a few good laughs. All in all it was a good time and if this gets done at the large conference in October, I’d look forward to doing it again.

If I’m asked.

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