Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book #11–Clean Kill in Tokyo

cleankillA re-publish of Rain Fall, which I read years ago. However after reading Graveyard of Memories and looking for other books I might have missed, I grabbed this one as a free borrow on my Kindle device. A Clean Kill in Tokyo introduces us to Rain, an accomplished killer that’s been hired by various factions to eliminate people. As he causes a heart attack, he senses something strange and realizes that he’s in the middle of something.

The daughter of the man he killed, Midori, is a jazz pianist. He learns the father had a disk and Rain realizes this disk is important. People might kill this young lady and after saving Midori, they go underground. As Rain falls for her, he also realizes that he’s trapped between the CIA, the Yakuza, and his friend with the police, Tatsu.

It’s a while tide, moving throughout Tokyo and it reminds me why I really enjoyed this series and the stories. Worth a read.

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