Friday, August 30, 2013


A busy day, overall, for me. I got the kids up and took Delaney to school. Kendall felt sick, and I felt bad she got up, dressed, and ate before she gave up. She’s been struggling a bit, so I thought it was better she stayed home.

I’ve been struggling as well, and I couldn’t get going, deciding to just drive kids to school. I got back, ate a bit, and then off to work. I spent about an hour and a half finishing up the third feeder and then painting the tops with anti-cribbing paint. That gives me 3 done, plus one that needs feet and paint that’s been in use. I’ll put them out tomorrow.

I got stuff to make two more, but the weather interfered tonight. With rain coming down, I had to pack up. However I did manage to cut feet, legs, and bottoms for the other 2. I’ll see if I can work on them tomorrow.

I had a massage booked at noon, but I wanted to exercise before that. With the right knee being sore, I decided to try swimming. I grabbed my bag and headed to town. It’s been four or five years since I had a swim workout and did more than a couple hundred yards. I hit the pool, did a 50, and then pressed.

I was trying to keep form, and relax, and do 100s. They were hard and I decided not to overdo it. I managed 10x100 on the 2:30. It was taking about 1:40 for the first half, with :40 rest, and I slipped to 1:45, but kept going. I finished with some easy swimming for 1200 yards total, but I was tired.

My massage was good, not great, but I drifted off, which is always a good sign. Then it was back to do more woodworking, getting wood cut.

Tomorrow is a 10 mile hike, and I think I’m ready to call it a day and have a beer.

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