Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Western Europe

Delaney had to start homework this week. He's in AP European History next year and they had summer homework, which we picked up on Monday. I ordered him a book and he had to do a few things, one of which was a map of Western Europe. Last night he lay in bed with Tia and I, and we quizzed each other on where countries were and their capitals as we filled out the map.

It's amazing how the world has changed since I was a kid. Latvia, Lithuania, and more didn't exist when I was in school. Some of the capitals are cities I'd never heard of. It was a good refresher and interesting to learn a few things.

However I wonder. Does it matter if more people know where countries are and their geography? Is society better? I can't decide if this is an intellectual snobbery exercise or there is some richness that comes from better knowing our world.

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