Monday, August 19, 2013


We spent the last two weekends at volleyball tryouts for a club team. It didn’t work out, but Tia scheduled a few more, including two yesterday. I had an early baseball game, and then met Tia, Kyle, and Kendall at the facility for 303 Volleyball.

It was an open gym, with lots of girls that are on the 13 year old 1s and 2s teams. I wasn’t aware, thinking there were a few spots open and this was a competition. Quite a few girls were really good, but I found out later that many of them were on the team already.

Kendall Setting

Kendall had a rough start, and was nervous, but when they moved out of drills and into some game situations, she shined. With her setting, she impressed the coaches.

Afterwards, they offered her a spot. They were unsure of if she should be with the 1s, and develop as a hitter, or if she should be with the 2s, get more playing time, and do more setting. It was a choice, and she was leaning towards the 2s.

She and I went to eat, and then decided to go to the second tryout for 5280 Volleyball. Kendall was uneasy, and didn’t want to go for some reason, but later she was glad she did. This was more of a tryout, with relatively few girls (10), of all ages. Some were younger, some older.

It moved slow, and I wasn’t thrilled with the organization, but after about an hour they pulled us out to talk to us. They offered her a spot on the 13 1s team. It’s a travel team, which means that in addition to a $2.5k fee for local tournaments, training, and uniforms, we’d cover costs for a trip to Omaha and either MN or FL at the end of the season. However Kendall as excited and thrilled.

We talked about it last night. We want more info from 303VB and Kendall also has a tryout/private lesson with Momentum volleyball on Thursday. Looks like a busy sports year for my little girl.

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