Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Last night was the Troop 636 Court of Honor for the end of summer. We’ve gotten a little off track, and this one was set to fill a meeting spot, and also get kids their awards from summer work. I agree since part of keeping kids in Scouts is motivating them with their progress.

In this case, we also had an Eagle Court of Honor, with three more boys achieving the highest rank. Tia sat in one the Board of Review for one of the boys, and all three have had impressive achievements in high school, with all of them being seniors this year. I hope that Delaney was inspired by them.

While we were getting food, one of the other Dads walked up to me in line and told me my son was “very, very polite” and he was impressed. He said Delaney was a fine young man as well. That means a lot, and while I think that’s what I should expect, it’s very nice to hear someone notice this. I need to remember that and tell other parents, because we have a very good group of boys in our troop.

Delaney helped run the Court, being one of the Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders. Good to see him up there, and all three boys did a good job. He called out some awards, and handled his role well.


He was also up for 2 merit badges, Personal Fitness and Communications. Both are Eagle required, and they move him closer to his goal.


He’s still short two for Life rank, but one is hiking and we’ll get the last hike in Saturday. He’s also a good ways into Personal Management. I think we can finish them in the next week with a little paperwork and he can email the counselors, perhaps getting things signed off before elections in two weeks.

We’re pressing so that he can serve the next six months as Senior Patrol leader and Life Scout, knocking out a couple of his Eagle requirements.

He’s also down to six more merit badges, all Eagle required:

  • Environmental Science (Started)
  • Family Life (barely started)
  • Camping (started)
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Personal Management (hopefully done this weekend)
  • Hiking (hopefully done this weekend)

I’m hoping that he’ll be ready to get his Eagle award at this time next year and I’ll press a little, but he’s got a busy year and I don’t want to overload him. I am, however, rooting for him.

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