Friday, August 23, 2013

Book #50–Einstein: His Life and Universe

51W6veF9DzL._AA160_I see quotes from Einstein all the time and he seems like a very interesting person. After reading the Jobs biography, I grabbed Einstein: His Life and Universe by the same author, Walter Isaacson.

It was eye-opening. Not at all what I expected. I had never quite been sure when Einstein had lived, and didn’t know much about him. I learned a lot, though no great, amazing quotes came out of the book. Instead it’s a look back at a man that grew up with engineers in his family, loved math and physics. He was good, but not great, though he managed to get through university with high marks.

I found out he ended up at the patent office because he couldn’t get a job. He worked there and still worked on physics, producing his amazing relativity theory. There were lots of revelations, and a lot of insight into the man. How religion didn’t play a strong role, but it did play a role in his life. He was even offered the presidency of Israel at one point. I had no idea.

The book drags a bit, but it’s fascinating. Einstein was an amazing physicist and scientist, but also a deeply flawed man. As with Jobs, I’m not sure if I admire him or not, but I was a bit amazed by his life.

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