Monday, August 5, 2013

Night Baseball

Last night was our second night game of the season and I am sure I don’t like playing at night. What was a treat as a kid is somewhat scary when you are older.

In the first inning, first batter, I had a hard grounder hit to third. I picked it up on my right, across the body, barely seeing it. I wasn’t completely sure I’d gotten it. When I looked up and turned to throw to first, I glanced into the lights and let loose with an arcing throw. It made it, but I was nervous. In the 4th, I was playing deep and got a hard grounder. It was to my right, but I was deep. The problem was that the ball came off the green turf, into the brown dirt, and I slightly lost sight of the dirty baseball. I hit it and bobbled it, missing a play. Not great.

I didn’t bat, still resting the sore arms, but I was careful about where I played. Near the end of the game, as it was darker, I crept up, not wanting to try and pick up the dirtier balls off the brown dirt.

In the end it didn’t matter. I made a few plays at third, and bobbled one, and my slow throw on a slow bouncer didn’t get a guy. We almost missed a popup that I assumed was for short, and he assumed I’d get it. As a result, he barely made it. Other than that, not much other than watching too many people run by me and score. Our pitching failed and we lost 15-5 in 8. A good game for 6 innings.

Still fun, and I enjoy playing, but I’m beat up a bit. Both arms are slightly sore, and the right throwing arm definitely got tighter as it got cooler last night. Another reason I didn’t love the night game.

Off next week and then 3 more to end the season.

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